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Researchers find new fish species in Kerala waters

Researchers find new fish species in Kerala waters

A team of researchers has discovered a new deep sea fish species in Kerala waters. Glossanodon macrocephalus (common name Kerala argentine) with whitish and silvery body and white meat is edible.

The new species are benthopelagic dweller found on muddy bottoms in depths of around 300 to 600 m. It is the first time the family has been reported from Indian waters

The species name ‘macrocephalus’ is from the Greek ‘macro’, meaning large and ‘cephalon’.


With a standard length of 12.9 cm to 16.4 cm, it has a relatively large head and moderately small eye. The new species have broad longitudinal black stripe above lateral line, a dark spot on the base to half of pectoral fin and no teeth on the tongue.

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