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'London Patient' Is Second Person Ever to Be Cured of HIV

'London Patient' Is Second Person Ever to Be Cured of HIV

The journal The Lancet HIV reported that Adam Castillejo, London, has become the second person to be ever cured of HIV.

He was previously known as "London patient."

The 40-year-old was first diagnosed with HIV in 2003. He underwent a special bone-marrow transplant. After that, he had been free from HIV for 18 months. After 12 months, now, he indeed represent a cure.

The first patient to be cured of HIV is Timothy Brown. He is also known as the Berlin patient. He received a similar bone-marrow transplant in 2007. He has been HIV-free for more than 10 years now.

The stem cells used for the transplant was from a donor who had a relatively rare genetic mutation that confers resistance to HIV.

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