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High-Speed Magnetic RAM Developed By IIT-Mandi Engineers

High-Speed Magnetic RAM Developed By IIT-Mandi Engineers

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi, Himachal Pradesh has developed a high-speed magnetic Random Access Memory (RAM).

This Magnetic Random Access Memory (RAM), is faster, energy-efficient and stores more data in a smaller volume as compared to existing data storage technologies.

The innovation is capable of high-data storage and faster computation as compared to the existng DRAM and SRAM technologies.

About RAM

In magnetic RAMs, data are represented as the spin of electrons.

The Spin-transfer torque-based nano spintronic device in which data is represented as a spin of electrons utilises the spinning electrons to transmit and process information.

It harnesses the spin of electrons and manipulates the magnetic state leads to what is known as Spin-Transfer Torque-Magnetic Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM).

This technology will have the capability to transform next-generation computers, smartphones, and other gadgets.

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